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Creating Greater Impact

Learning has taken place only if students can transfer the information from one context to another and apply it in a useful way to solve problems and construct new understandings. Learning is not just absorbing information; it is the ability to use it. (Doyle, 2008)

Teaching is not an easy job, thats for sure. Teaching is not merely about transfering teacher knowledge or information to students brain, just for they remember for a slight of time, lets say, about an academic year -and when they are moved into the next grade, sometimes they were easily forget what the previous teacher have taught before- and their new teacher put another information in a different way just to recall their memory.
I learned that teaching is about transfering information in a meaningfull way, so the students can make a conection between their learning and their daily life. This afternoon i watch HBO family about a young learner who build a community called earth guardian. Their meeting were about climate change, enviromental issue etc, and then make a simple step -for example, by drawing things that people can do to make a better world-. The basic idea of this community is to inform all the member about how the world that we are living right now, is a sick world. These kids know that enviromental issue is not a regional issue, but its a global issue. For example, when people are keep using fossil fuel, who just create pollution and make CO2 trap in our air, then people had to stop it. This community make a meaningfull step by promoting better lifestyle by reducing fossil fuel and use renewable resources as our main energy such as sun or wind energy.
Thats what i called as a meaningfull learning process. Meaningfull learning process gain awareness into our student life about things that happened in their life, not only now, but also for their future. Just like what doyle said previously, its not about absorbing information, but its ability to use it. And it would be a great thing if our student able to use their information in order to make a better life. Creating better life is not only about climate change or enviromental issue, but also touch another aspect of life such as awareness about history, belief, disable kids ar another importants issue.
Then, how can we, as a teacher make a meaningfull learning process? By hard work of course. Meaningfull learning process can be done if the students play great role in learning process. Let them become the center of our activity. Just like what Zull (2002) say, if we want our student make their learning process become more meaningfull, then we have to help them feel in control about what they are learning. Learning process will motivated our student if they can see the usefulness of what they are learning and they can share their information to other (give impact to other). The effectiveness of learning happend when we can help them turn failure into a new opportunity to learn. (doyle, 2002)
In the end i just want to say “teaching is not about teacher who share information for the students, but its about how teacher make a change and make a difference in life.”

May 14th 2015