Happy Shoping at DEAR Time

We have DEAR TIME in our school. Dear time is a time for student to read. We put Dear time after lunch time and it happend for 15 minutes. Unlike any student that hate to read, most of our students read a lot. They enjoy their Dear Time.

In my class room, most of my students love to read, not only in their Dear time but also  in their free time. From their reading, they create their own imagination and also, some of my students have initivative to make some experiment about science.

This week i make our Dear Time in a different way. This week our math lesson is about money. They learn about the value of money, how to count their grocery etc. In our activity, we also make some real situation where they had to pay to buy something. They kinda enjoy this activity. This week i used our dear time as a part of math learning process. I put price on every book that we have in our mini library and i give them Rp 50.000 for them (off course it used toys money that have same value with the real money). All they had to do is buy the books they want and pay with the money that i gave. I also choose a student to become a cashier. For the student who buy the book, they have to count their money, how much they spend and also the change. And for the chashier, he or she had to give their change with a different nominal. They enjoy this activity very much. Some of my student even lend me their book to be “sold” in my classroom.

Day two become more interesting for me. At day two, they know what to do, so they choose their books and count his or her money before they go to cashier. I have books that unlabbeled yet, and they ask about this book. When i told them that its a free book, they just try to get those free book and share the info  to the other friend. This make me feels like im the owner of a bookstrore and my students are my buyer. I even make a rules for the visitor to keep calm during their visit in my store a.k.a in our class. If someone get too noisy, they got reminder from me. If they did it more than 3 time, i give them a time out. About the price itself, some student are asking about the discount. “ms, do you have discount for this book?’ off course i said no. Sometimes its so funny to think about this. Its just a toys and they make it as a real situation by asking discount. I could even see their happy face when they found a free book. Its not even a real money, but they love to keep their money. This make our math become more enjoyable and exciting.

ps : this happend on our 2nd theme (Oct-Dec 2014)


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