my other adventure

reading my previous post about my student makes me want to write my other adventure in this class. As i wrote before, now i teach in upper grade. i become a 4th grader teacher, things that i’ve never imagine before. i feel more comfortable being a teacher plus a mother for grade 1 or 2 student. but i’m wrong. i also falling in love with my upper grade student too. though we dont have so much dancing and games like i used to, but still, i also had a great time with this class.

making a buddy system

as soon as i realized that half of my student are need a hand, i change my strategies. i pair my student. “smart” one with “need help” one. the smart student should help the lower student so they can have the same perspective. i also use this method when i help them to arrange their portfolio. i usually help the smart one and then ask those smart student to help their friend. one of the parents inform me that this idea really help his son. his son are kind of student that need to get other attention. someone who can help him to do his task (but not doing his task, just help him to explain).

one of the great moment that i can remember is how they work with their gadget. i can see the curiousity in their eyes to find the answer and find something new. i also love to see the result of making the brochure where the offer me a creative shape and idea. i didnt expect this from my student. some  of them just cut in variety way, and some of them shows an interesting picture. from the picture, i realize that they are doing their best effort.

yes we still had a lot of homework, esp in making progress in their academic result and also in their character. hopefully we can make it in the second semester. 


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