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Our Reading Time

One thing that I loved the most from this school is their reading habbit. For information, we have our reading time after break and its called “dear time”or “Drop Everything and Read” . after break, every student must read one book for about 15 minutes. We also have library time and the student already know the rules when they are in the library.

Why we must read ?

Yes we know…. Book is window of the world. Inside the book, we can get so many information about the world, about animal, tree, even about our self like human body or how to read gesture etc. we can also find someone biography, a history, or even about dreams etc.

Nowdays, vickynisasi become a new language. His language are grammaticly incorrect but still, most off the people speak with his language because its funny to heard of. But are we really consider the effect for our language? Esp for our generation and generations after us? Can we possibly imagine how we communicate in he future if we keep breaking the rules of grammar?

Vicky prasetya, someone who said that he have a doctoral degree but we see that his language is like a mess. That’s because he’s not reading books. That’s why he have close mind n his knowledge are not in wide perspective. If someone reads a lot, even though he/she’s not taking high degree of education, at least he can understand things that happened.

From Vicky to Marten

Two days ago, I saw a news from a television how someone that worked as a security named marten can fight against his company because he’s not being paid after the company stop his contract after 3 years working. It happened in 2003. According to the law, he cant sue his company esp its already happened 10-11 years ago. The maximum time for claiming is only 2 years after the termination.

After 10 years, he realized that he can claim the company because he know that injustice happened every where esp for the labor. That’s why according to this scholar majoring law, this cant be abandon. This country should listen the voice of the labor. He read so many books and he realized that he can sue the law. In the news, he is described as a person who had a lot of book inside his room. He are not wealthy, he just worked as a security. He takes his degree majoring law and now he in the 4th semester. By reading so many books, he can understand his right. Thats why he can criticize the law.

Creating read lover generation

Its not easy to create a read lover generation. We can asked to ourself, honestly, are we also can be called as a book lover? Or we read only if we need. Are we oftenly read, not just books, but also magazine or any written information to improve our knowedge, or we just waisting our time, spending our money for our tertier needs? Yeap, creating read lover generation are started from ourself. Here we are oftenly remind that during the dear time or library time, teacher  also should “drop everything and read”, so we can be a model for our student.

Creating a read lover generation also can be done by having quality reading time with our child. My friend told me that she oftenly have story telling time before sleep and have a library inside her house and asked her two kids to read books everytime they have spare time. by the age of 5, her daughter can be seen as a book lover.

We can create a read lover generation with our own creative idea. How bout you? What is your creative idea to create a read lover generation?

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