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Creating teacher image

When I was young, I really don’t know what to do with my life. All that I understand is I don’t want to be a reverend. But the fact is…. I’m clueless about life. But still, I never put any job application to a company. I always put it to school. Yes.. I decide to be a teacher

My 1st and second year of teaching is kinda hard for me. I don’t have a teacher image. Cant teach well, and some of the student in the upper grade take a half eye on me. My dad is a teacher, my grandma is a teacher. I keep asking them what can I do to be a good teacher, can I be a good teacher. I remember my grandma said : teaching is a process. you will change if u are willing to learn. Don’t be afraid, its okay if you are not perfect at this time, but every time you are open to learn new thing, it will help u to understand how to handle them.

Creating teacher’s image is not easy as I think. it takes me several years to understand that every kids is unique. At my early years or teaching, I know that word, but I never understand it. so I teach in the same way to every student. And when the day comes, when I had to teach 2-6 years old kids in daycare at the same time, they teach me how to teach. I cant push them to understand my teaching method, im the one who had to understand how they learn. I’m the one who had to understand them and give the best stimulation to them. 3 years old kid had different understanding from 6 years old kid. They had different method. Sometimes 3 years old kid also different from another 3 years old kid. I learn from them for 2 years.

Creating teacher image is not easy as I think. In my 4th years, they put me in grade 1. My previous experience as a preschool teacher and have kids with special needs helps me to manage this class. We had kids with special case also. He had ADHD, n can not focused with the lesson. He the one who taught me. He taught me how to handle ADHD students. He asked me to be patient. And really, it would be completely hard if we are stressful. We need to be aware and patience in handling that kind of student. Keep aware (tetap sadar) and patience. I admitted that I’m not patient enough. But he teach me how to do it.

Creating teachers image is not as easy as I think. being a teacher means that we will be a role model for your kids. If we are unpatient, our student will follow our unpatientness. If we are not a tidy person, how can we ask our student to be a tidy person. We are a role model for them. So… which model that we want to show to our kid.

 Creating teacher image is not as easy as I think. We had to be able to manage your class. And its not as easy as it said. we had to show our power and compassionate at the same time. And trust me… it takes a second for some people, but for another person, sometimes it takes several years of learning. Our kid could be silent when we teach them, but it doesn’t means that they understand us. Sometimes it happened because they afraid of us. Or, they could be very noisy in our classroom because they had their power upon us. My suggestion is : put notes everyday in our notebook about what happened today, so we can learn day by day from our mistakes. And don’t worry dear… its okay to make mistake in our 1st or second year. Make a notes so we can learn from our experience.

Creating teacher images is not as easy as I think. We should show our positif spirit at all time. Kids need our positive energy so they can also be a positive. We should realized that we are the agent of change. We can make a change to the world that we lived. If we want to create a positive environment in our live, so spread our positive energy to our student. They will spread those positive energy to their live and the change that we’ll expect is not utopia. it’ll happen. Trust me