story telling time

This time we had an interestingtime that we called its story telling time. Kids are really waiting for thismoment. Because they love story telling time. Our story telling is simple.Someone read a book and we discuss about that book together. But the one thatmake it interesting is the one that read the book or become the story teller isnot the teacher, but the student. And in our story telling, we also had acameramen to filming the moment. An our cameramen is  our student.

U know what…. They are reallyenthusiastic  to be the story teller orthe cameramen. They raised their hand when we asked who would be the storyteller for today. We arrange a schedule so the student know when they have totell the story.

Our story teller last Friday isRafael. Rafael is a shy young boy that cry during the poem reading in bahasaIndonesia class. When the teacher ask him to read, he cried because he don’thave a self confidence cos he feel that he can’t read clearly. One of my student,named Lubna decided to accompany him. They read the poem together (you can feelhow nice my students because they support each other in our class).

We choose Rafael because of hislack of reading. Yes, he’s in the grade one -with sometimes when he reads,feels like he is keeping the letter inside his mouth and take a few mili secondfor him to say the word-.  When theJavanese teacher asked him to read the text he cried again during the Javaneselesson. So.. my partner decice to have a story telling time, and she askedRafael to read the book. She said that we will have a story telling time by Rafaelduring the library time. So there he goes, reading a simple book about fish andchopstick.

Library time was in the 2ndsession. So I remind him to prepare himself to read in front of his friend. Ialso asked my students to encourage him by saying “you can do it Rafael” andclap for him. One of my students also want to be the story teller too. So atthe library time, we have 2 story teller.

Library time is coming. Rafaelare well prepared to be the story teller. While he had the most beautifullsmile he started to read. Still he’s not read it clearly but my studentsencourage him a lot. In the middle of reading my students starting to claptheir hand and said “good job Rafael”. I asked Rafael, “are you done with yourreading Ael?” And he said “no ms.. not yet.” And then I asked, “why are youclapping your hand friends? Rafael is not finished yet.” And then one of mystudent said, “we want to encourage him ms”… and I think.. wow.. my studentreally did their great effort to be the best friend for each other.

Support team, can be from everywhere, from teacher, parents or even from friend. By supporting our students,our friend, we will raise their self confidence. And you know what, the effectnot only last for one or two days. I can see it now that Rafael moreenthusiastic to read and he’s not shy anymore.

My students.. however… gave me abig portion of happiness in my life. As I always said, they are my angel and mydevil. Sometimes they make me proud with their effort (I’m not saying their result but effort) and sometimes they make me sad when they lost those spiritof learning in their eyes. A courious kids always better than the passif student and I want my student to sparks and courious eyes. Have a nice day dearteachers…

My house 7th april2013 (16.00pm)


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