our science competition

Actually this is not a hot news. We won the science competition about a month ago. But that competition changed us a lot. Not only me personally, but also for the whole class.

In a first semester, I almost give up with these kids. My definition of give up means that I will accept whatever they will become. I remember when we are having discussion about student life skill, I put A on my students score.  For the information, we have 3 kind of score which is D for developing, A for average and E for exemplary. Me and my partner discuss our student life skill before we take it to teacher board meeting. We agree that our kids is sort of average student. Only few of them get E for certain life skill and some of them still get D. For another information, I have 19 kids with 7 kids that can not read and write, and 1 kids that have language barrier. She’s from Korean and cant speak Indonesian nor English so that’s a big issue for us at that time.

one of my student can get 4 D for his life skill because he don’t have couriosity, leadership, he did not finish his job (written or oral question), and also for his resourcefulness. He oftenly lost his stuff  such as pencil and book. For another kids, I also have my Korean student  for the most D in her life skill report because she’s not showing her effort on doing task.

In teacher board meeting, my principal even put label as “a flat class” for my class. To be honest, actually my class is not as flat or average as we said because I still have some star student. We have Virly and Darren that are smart, Russell with his active English and smart brain and some other student. But we-me and my partner-, our mistake is only see the barrier and skip the stars.

The science competition arrived and I feel a bit scared because the competition is kinda different with other competition. We will have competition from grade 1-3. Different experiment, but its not only about the experiment itself, there are 4 criteria which is :

  1. presentation (how they speak clearly in English, with clear and loud voices and also with their self confidence)
  2. cooperation : during the presentation, they had to be cooperate and help  each other. There are 3 student from each class that represent their class, and this 3 student must have a good English for conversation and of course can cooperate with friends.  2 student will be the helper and 1 student will present it in front of the judges and audience.
  3. Experiment : failed or success
  4. Last but not least, their display board must have opening, question, materials, step, answer and conclution and also interesting look.

I remember that we -all of us from 1 b- really put our effort on this display board. I make the ground images and ask my student to decorate by coloring it, cut it, paste it and of course, put glitter on it. All of us doin it. I told them that though they are not on top 3 that had a right to go to final, but we still had to help our friend by helping them to make the display board. My partner ask the boys to color it because we have some guys that really good at coloring or making things and the girls cut and paste the picture.

When the competition begin, I saw my student really make us proud. They have a good cooperation, good presentation in English, the presenter speak in clear and loud tone. I also see that another class also had a good presentation, esp from grade 2 and 3. They said that whatever the result, everyone will win the nomination, so I dont have any dream to be a winner.

Finally they announce the result and I don’t believe that my student won the 1st place. I asked to one of the judges and he said that we win because we have a good presentation and cooperation and successful experiment, but the most score we get is from our display board. We have a different type of display board. I make the display board like a flower with pot and cloud. Its not a regular display board like what my colleagues make.

The judges explain that he can see my students did it by themselves. While some display board that from other class is made by the teacher, they can see that our displayboard are full with my student artwork. And the shape.. its so unique and creative (bule love to see creative things, out of the box thing).

I realized that my student are change in the 2nd semester.  This competition has change my life and my student life. Now they are having a positive frame for themselves, and also it is raised their self confidence.  Ryan and the others put more effort to do their task. They become more discipline, can listen and follow teacher instruction, even some of them can increasing their academic score. Do we still have hard time? I could say yeap off course, but at least now we can faced it together and I can say “I’M PROUD TO BE THEIR TEACHER”


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