mini drama

Today we have a mini drama titled Kisah Kartini.
the main idea is from my partner when she saw my student act like we did at the classroom. At the Kartini days, she divide the students into 3 groups that will have role play about kartini. they will discuss what to play etc. but at the last minute we, change our plan. we decide to make mini drama for all grade one. and in that mini drama, everyone is involeved, everyone play one role, even a role as a singer.

actually this is a crazy project, since we only have 3 time to practiced which is on last circle time on monday, first circle time and last circle time on tuesday. today, which is wednesday, will be our perform day….

some of them still dont get it, when they come to the stage, and when they leave, after 3 times practicing.. they get the idea. since this is not a big event, so we only make a informal invitation to the parents and we ask the teacher to watch our mini drama. different from our 1st idea which we use the hall for the performance, this time we use pur broadcast room to perform, which quite small room, and when the parents arrive, we dont have enough space for all of them.

the mini drama itself runs quite well. the positive side is… during the practice, sometimes they even improvised the role, such as when we said that “kartini were love to play with her friend”, they create a play without any command from us. so they have their on inisiative to make it good. I give them thumbs four their effort and courage to be a centre of attraction. but we also have negaive side. Since we invited the parents, some of them are having unusuall act which is sit next to the parents, taking picture, making sounds etc…

things that i learn from this situation is… practiced is necessary, bigger space, seperate place between students and parents, remind the parents not to take the picture of their son/daughter during the drama (otherwise the students will focused with the camera, compare to the show). but still.. i’m proud with them


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