a teacher story -our puzzle competition in this year

This year I’m having anotherpuzzle competition. On this puzzle competition, now I ask the student to count1-2 to form a group and they had to arrange puzzle about farm or about zoo.This time each group are having the same strength and we really payingattention on their process and cooperation.

In group 1 we have virly, dhita,putra, ryan, russell, yewon, roger, jayden,  

In group 2 we have Darren,Rafael, Zahra, lubna, denta, ino, Dillon, nisha,  amor

In group 1, their strategies isto arrange the puzzle by them self, after that they will gather all the pictureinto a whole puzzle. In group two, they are discussing and helping each otherto find the picture. The winner for the first competition is virly’s group. Theycan do it only in 15 minutes. The second group can finish it in 18 minutes. Offcourse there had disappointing moment from the 2nd winner. They said that farm puzzle is too easyand the zoo is way much harder to arrange. But I told them that they have thesame challenge.

In the second competition, Iasked them to switch the puzzle. If in the first term they get farm animal, sothe second term they will get zoo. I also raised the challenge in the secondterm.  This time I gather all the puzzlepieces. So there will be 128 pieces become one. I ask them, still in theirgroup to solve the problem. And then they make the decision, each group willtake their pieces first, and gather it on their places.  

Both group still use the samestrategies. Each kid in virly’s group try to arrange small pieces of puzzle andthen gather it. While darren’s group still make a centralization. In thispuzzle competition, seems to be that virly’s strategies are more working ratherthan darren’s strategies, because virly’s group won again for this time. theycan finish the puzzle for only 15 minutes.

Its nice to see theircooperation. Every one keep focusing on their puzzle. Putra, one of my studentthat often consider as “problem for teacher” did his best effort. He canarrange the puzzle faster than anyone else in his group. That’s why he so proudwhen his group wins the competition. And for the second group, he said “you arethe 2nd winner” *in a encouraging tone*

Now I counting down my last daywith my kids. They were so different from the first time I saw them. When oneof their friend decide to move to another school, they were sad and showsympathy to their friend. I asked them “since you only have one month left  in this class, cos after this you will go tosecond grade with different teacher and maybe have different friend, so please,be a good friend for each other. Give compliment for your friend, encouragethem, and help them if they have difficulties. 

Feels sad because one month leftwith them but I also cant wait for my other adventure that will be start onnext june. For you teacher… have fun with your kids…..


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