our thousand words version

This morning i told a story to my student titled a thousand words. This is the story about a man that his life related to a tree. Every time he speaks, one leaves will fall. At first he just ignore it. He speak a lots since he’s working as an literary agent. One by one the leaves fallin down. Finally he started to seek his opportunity to stay alive. He started to change his life by less speaking and try to make peaces in all of his relationship. Now he speaks very carefully because he doesn’t want to die.

I used that story to influence my students. For the information, my students are getting more talkactive during these days. They seems to have ton’s of things to talk about and found that it’s hard to listen. They become more enthusiastic and active, so… i have inspired by this story.

Each morning i give my students 15 leaves picture on the whiteboard. I told them that each time they speak with their friends, even to the teacher, their leaves will fall down. Even if they asking something to the teacher. I told them that they can speak, i don’t want to forbid them to speak or asking the lesson that they don’t understand. And i’m bolding the words that I want them to speak but the important thing only (such as asking something from the lesson that they dont understand, rather than blaming each other because they’re very noisy). I encourage them by saying that silentness is not our main purpose, but how they arrange their word into something important and more usefull and nice word, that’s is our main purpose. They can speak a lot during the break time, but not on the lesson or circle time.  I also told them that if they can keep their leaves until the last circle time, students that have the most leaves will be added 1 leaves for each day and in the end of they week, their leaves can be exchange with the star cards. This leaves function are different from star cards. we used star card for their behaviour such as kicking, making noise with their pencil or pencil case etc  (because we only give 4 star card, so i the star card easily taken, it’ll be a nightmare for them). This leaves is for their talking habbit.

This is my first day witn this system and I already read whose leaves that will fall. One of my students as ussual, asked the teachers (me and ms dian) to make him as a star of today. I remind him that star of today will be given only  to someone that act very nice and not crying students. He had to be more patient and less talking. He already told us about his willing to be the star but each time he speaks, I cross his leaves. He said, oke I dont want to speak again, but he still speaking. From 15 leaves that i give to him, only 6 that left.Ii’m quite suprised to see that he still have 6 leaves. My another talkactive students have 5 leaves remained and the most thing that makes me suprised is, some of them, still have 15 leaves. Means that they keep silent during the lesson. Its so WOW for me :D.

I’ll aplied this system until their behaviour can change. I assume it’ll take 2-3 month to make this as a habbit. But as we know, dealing with a kids can not be measured with time because some of kids can adapted faster that the other kids. But hopefully this system can make our class become more productive and less talking.


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