dear teacher…

Dear teacher….

I know that I’m not perfect

Sometimes I make mistake that makes you mad

But please forgive me

Cos I don’t mean to be that mean

Dear teacher….

I need your guidance

Since I don’t know what is good and what is wrong

I’m just 7 years old

Please guide me

Don’t put label on me

Just accept me just the way I am

See me just the way I am

In my good or bad behaviour

I really need your guidance to show that I have the good side or good quality inside

If u just see me in my dark side, that would I become in my future

You can use me to help you

But you also can get rid of me, if u feel that I’m bad…

But please… let me show you my best quality.

I would be proud to show it to u

As long as you patiently guide me and willing to wait me in my process….

It’ll come out anyway…

Dear teacher… I know that I can be good

But it needs your supports also

Please… please help me to reach it…

I love you…

Your students…


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