last day with my kids

today is our last school day…

we play, we laugh, we’re just having fun. we sing and dance in the morning, become a statue and just play the game. in the end of the day, they have art performances. one thing that also makes me proud is, the can easy adapted with the new movement and they have self confidence.

i remember a year ago when first time i saw them. some of them still shy, some of them already shown that they have self confidence. 7 boys and 7 girls with different type. first week is really hard for us, to build our rules. they were so talkaktive. they talk all they time. we say 1 word, and they will speak 5 or more sentences. and its quite hard for us. esp, some subject teacher already give sign that they are “nakal”, compare to our pararel class.

we work so hard to make them understand our rules. we even put our rules behind our reward card that we called “smile card”. every time we taught, we always ask them to repeat our rules. also during our morning and last circle time. after two or three month doing this same action, they have change. everytime they want to speak, they have to raise their hand first, they also asking permittion if they want to sit to their next friend. still loved to talk and still active, but now they become more easy to hadle.

meanwhile we see that our kids really love to sing and dance. and guess what, me and my partner also showing the same hobby as our kids. so… sometimes during our circle time, we sing and dance, we turn the song and they dance following the rythm.

as i wrote before, we have our special kids. at first, most of them are confused, but we always remind them that he is different from the other kids, he still have to learn more how to listen and follow instruction. we have buddy system. buddy system job desc is helping this special friend to sit, to listen the teacher, and help them if they have difficulty with pur rules. its really work because we give them reward to they that can helped their friend.

my kids really wants to be the best up on their friend. so, most of them are compete to help our special kids (esp, the girls). we also make our special kids as special person, for example, when we have a dance performance, we give our special kids a task to be the judges to decide who is our best dancer in the class. thats why all of the kids are compete to give their best performances and ask my special kids to choose them as the best dancer. and at that time they are really have fun.

we also give a fun learning method to our kids. we loved to play the game during our learning process. we have quizzes, puzzle atc, and they really enjoy it.we oftenly have a new game. sometimes we describe a thing and they have to guess or search that thing, and some times we asked them to describe things and their friend have to find the things. thats how we teach them about description.

our latest week are filled with copying game and hold the laugh game. in our copying game, we asked them to create some movement and their friend will follow the movement. it teach them to have self confidence in front of the class. in hold the laugh game, we asked them to hold their laugh as long as possible. meanwhile, we asked our funny clown student to tease them. this game helped them to stay focused, and

a year gone by, now is their time to continue to the 2nd grade, and i really missed them so much. how i missed their dance, how i missed all the time we have. they filled my day with laugh and all those crazy things that a teacher can feel.

jogya, 13 june 2012


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