when civic assessment comes…. ~a thought~

Today we’re having a civic assessment. We learn about  religion and tribes in Indonesia. For the 5 religion, i make it as ussual, they have to do the worksheet. But for the tribes, i make it different. We have a big Indonesian map on the wall of our school. Sometimes i asked my student to find cities in Indonesia during our circle time. I mentioned name of a city and they had to find it. Sometimes i even mention list of city that i’ve never been heard before but its written on the map.

Back to the assessment, i have pictures from indonesian tribes and i asked my student to find the city that have the characteristic. My students really loved it. They are not see it as an assessment but as a game. They soon knowed where is 5 big island Ind Indonesia such as Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua. They also learn to notice the small island in Indonesia by looking for Madura, or Nusa Tenggara.

After school i watched a movie with my friend. The title is ” Tanah Surga… Katanya”. Its an Indonesian movie. Though it is Indonesian movie, this movie is different than any other movie that i’ve watched before. Deddy mizwar made this movie. The story itself about Indonesian people that live in border line between Indonesian and Malaysian. It is really absurd for me to see how Kalimantanese lived, esp in the borderline.

I imagine how different between my student and the students that lived there. They dont have any facilities like we do. They dont have any big map to learn about Indonesia. They even just have a small building that called school and one teacher to teach grade 3 and 4.  Some of them don’t know how to sing Indonesia Raya song. they only knew “Kolam Susu” that sang by Koes Plus. They even have ringgit Malaysia as their money, and not Indonesian money.

I said this to my friend : i’m so lucky to be here with all the facillities that i have, so i can improving myself. I can find any resources by internet and make  an interesting teaching tools. But its really hard for them to get any resources because they are surounded by forrest and there’s no signal for the internet. They have to go to Malaysia to get the facilities.

When we talk about this movie, we will open a wide conversation, cos there’s so many things that we can talk about the movie. Every scene is really meangingful. There’s a scene about Salman, one of the student that read a poem, and i think that its great when he said the truth about Indonesia. my students really had to watched this movie to open their eye about nationalism.



One thought on “when civic assessment comes…. ~a thought~

  1. Konon kabarnya, demi pemerataan pendidikan di Amerika Serikat, pemerintah setempat memunyai kebijakan untuk mengudang pemuda Bangsa Pribumi-Amerika untuk bersekolah di dua buah universitas ternama. Setelah pulang dari masa pendidikan mereka, tetua Bangsa Pribumi-Amerika mengirimkan surat yang menyatakan bahwa utusan mereka menjadi “orang yang tidak berguna” karena tidak mampu menjadi pemburu, prajurit, atau penasihat. Dia menambahkan bahwa dia mengundang beberapa pemuda kulit putih untuk menerima pendidikan di tengah Bangsa Pribumi-Amerika.
    Fasilitas memang perlu, tetapi secara pragmatis pendidikan dipakai sebagai alat untuk bertahan hidup. Aku pikir ini yang perlu diperhatikan oleh standar pendidikan di berbagai tempat.

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