my unique class

This semester will be a challenge for me. I have special kids, not because of their specialty such as autism etc, but because they have various character. Half of my kids are in the lower middle level and not more than 5 kids are in the upper level. Plus I have 2 non Indonesian English language student. But still, I already fallin in love with them.

I have a kids that can not read or write a words. We have to spell it for him letter by letter. When we saw him, he seems to be like a normal kids, and sometime if we didn’t understand him, we thought that he is very naughty, because playing all the time. But that’s not the problem. The problem is., he cant read, that’s why when we asked him to write even with the same letter like we wrote, he cant do it. That is one of my challenge.

I also have another kids, he’s better than the first case. He can read, but he cant write a wor. For example, when we asked him to write something other than his name, he cant do it. If we said “laki-laki” or perempuan, he doesn’t know how to arrange this letter “L A K I “ into the words. Plus, he is a very shy an sensitive boys, so he need special treatment. Or in other word “handle with care” (this also same with my first case)

I have a very smart kids. Apparently, he is well stimulated by the parent but unfortunately, his cleverness bring negative impact because he easily get bored, esp when we give him task like the others.

my sensitive girls. She’s smart and… an orphan. She’s very sensitive because she oftenly saw her friend are picked up by their mom or dad, and she only picked up by her driver. Sometimes she feels sad because of that.

Last but not least, I have non Indonesian English language kids. Both of them are female. One from korea, and one from dutch. This is their fourth week in school. The funny thing from them is that they speak with non verbal language or body language. Now they become close to each other. In the class I got surprised from them. In ms sara class, international English class, she ask the student to introduce themselves in English. Ms sara provide a paper that already written like “hello, my name is, my age is, and good bye”. Each of them are given that paper and they have to find a friend to speak with the word from the paper. At the beginning, I thought that both of them must be very confused what to do cos they sit nicely in their chair. But I’m so surprised when I saw them talks to each other using the paper. After they had finished, they go to ms sara and said that they already finish. And ms sara asked them to find another friend to talk. And the most suprising is, they did that. They did what ms sara asked them. They find their friend, change about 2 or three times and speak to them, and they seems so enjoy the activity. I’m so lucky cos I can have their portrait in the class while doing the activity.

To arrange this class, sometimes I used buddy system treatment. This buddy system really helps me to manage this class. For example. I have kids name ino. He always become the first who finished the daily diary. So.. rather than talking or walking everywhere, I asked ino to help case one. If he doesn’t want to, I still have the other kids that helped me.

For my non indoenglish kids, I have my case 3 kids. I asked her to accompany my foreign students and she looks very enjoying her task. she even talks to her aunty that she loved to play with them though sometimes she feel confused about how to talked with her. But the most important thing is she wants to try to helping me. This is still the 4th weeks of school but I already find an interesting thing in my class. Cant wait to the next adventure :D.


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