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our puzzle competition

Ms sara lend me a very nice animal puzzle. all of those puzzle had minimum 48 big pieces. I share it to my class paralel. they got 2 puzzle and I got 2. my kids really loves it. they loves to play it during their fun time.

Yesterday I make a challenge for them. I divide them into 2 groups and they had to finished the puzzle in 30 minutes. But I raise the challenge. I put all of the pieces together to make it more difficult. Each of the puzzle had 64 pieces, so they have to seperate 128 pieces.

I never give them the clue, I only ask them to finished it, no matter how and they only have 30 minutes. All of the sudden, they have an idea, both of them (the groups), seperate the pieces based on the picture (for your information, actually all of the pieces almost have a similar picture).

The leader of group 1 is Zara, who known as my most bright student, and the leader from the other group is Ghina. Actually the second group have an average member, not too smart student, compare in group one. That’s why group two almost give up and said : we must be lost because they have Zara, a most smart girl. At that time, Zara group already set a quarter of the puzzle. I said to them “group 1 have Zara, but you also have Ghina, Ransi *and I mentioned all of the group member*, you also as bright as them, as long as you’re not giving up, I’m sure you can finished it.

I always noticed their work, each of them and support them. Group one and group two share their job. In group one, they evenĀ  more organized. each member have an animal to do. In the other hand, each kids in group two do what they can do, arrange the puzzle pieces randomly. After15 minutes, I saw that they almost finished. And I’m really suprised seing Ghina’s group, because they are 75% finish. They work it really hard and they have a very good groupwork. They are really feel that they can finished it though in the beggining they have low self esteem. They share their job, each kid have their own part to do. When Ghina’s group see Zara’s group almost finished, they dont give up. Ghina and some of the member said “come on, let’s do it faster, we can finish it… come on.. come on, we just have to put it into one”. they even had a tiny conflict between 2 member, they scramble who will pair the puzzle. But in the end, they can complete all the puzzle. When they finish it, we are shouting with joy… I really suprised to see their work so I shout with them, with all the joy feeling. They won the competition.

With Zara’s group, I asked them not to give up because they are 95% finishes, only 3 pieces left. And when zara’s group also finished, I also shout with joy for them, but mostly i proud with ghina’s group. How the try to finish it though they dont have Zara, the most bright student, and they become a winner, not only because they finished it faster than Zara’s group, but also because they defeating their low self esteem.

i’ve learn so much from that competition. First i learn to “defeat our fear, our low self esteem, just believe that we can do it. keep on going though we feel that we are nothing”. The second thing is “all of the kids are waiting to show their brightness, we just have to find their right button, and they will show us their maximum potential”.