this week in my class

this week my student did a very great job….

this week they become calmer and be focused to the teacher when the teacher explaining the lesson. at the early week we told them that if they got two thumbs up from the teachers, from morning till the end of the class, all of them will get the 5 additional smile card.

Smile card is our reward program. we give 3 smile card to the student if they finished writing their daily diary completely, and the daily diary already sign up by their parents. sometimes we give them extra smile card if they can answer our question by quiz. and they are really try to get that extra smile card. if the end of the day they will count how many smile card they have and how many smile card taken from them. the teacher can take their smile card if they are anoying, playing with their friend, cannot focused to the lesson and playing around. we give them  1st, 2nd, and 3rd reminder and then we ask their smile card. we oftenly give quiz during our circle time, or even during our learning activity. they are very enthusiastic with the quizzes. they try their best to answer the question for getting extra smile card.

in early week we choose our class president to lead the class. we ask our student to help the class president to make the class the best as they can be. we give them target that they can achieved such as be a good student by listening to the teacher, do the best they can do, do their task, and be focused. for my active student, actually its a little bit hard to do, but they can do its. a week before, on friday, they can get 5 extra smile card cos they do their best during the lesson, that is why they are getting motivated. they know that our expectation is reachable for them. as long as they try, they can reach it. they are really trying to be the best class and get 2 thumbs up from each teacher. they count their thumbs on the ongoing day. they say… we can be “a best class” yesterday.. and we’ll try to be the best also on this day (we always ask to the student what is our (teacher and student) expectation for today). by telling our expectation, they know the goal that should be reach by them during the day. and in the end of the class, during the last circle time, we reviewed our class, hows our class today, can they get 2 thumbs up from the teacher??? they wait the teacher to announce it and after we give our 2 thumbs up, they cheer up very loud and count its already 4 time we get two thumbs up form the teacher. and its really give them pride. knowing that they can make the teacher happy by do what the teacher ask, thats really makes them happy. they can do their best.

my lesson in this week is :

1. give a reachable expectation to our student

2. let them know how to reach our expectation with a clear instruction.

3. ask them what is their expectation for our class today, and tell our (teacher) expectation also

4. give the reward wisely. not by giving it every day, but really objective to see whether they can reach our goal or not. not giwing two thumbs up every day, so they can be motivated to do the best they can be on the next day.

5. review our class in the end of the day and share our (teacher and student) hopes for tommorow.


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