a teacher

what is e meaning of a teacher???

in indonesia, teacher means guru. Guru comes from word “digugu” lan “ditiru”, or in other word, a teacher should be a role model for their student. not just teaching about knowledge, but also give a good example in life. sometimes teacher have a equal level with a priest or religious leader. a priest can also be a teacher but some teacher cannot be a priest unless he/she have a degree in theology.

there’s two thing about being a teacher. first, its about a vocation, simply comes from the heart, a passion to teach others. the second is, simply about a money. rather than being unemployment, it is better to applying position as a teacher (passion vs proffesion). indonesian economyc growth also make impact in educational field. lots of school that build with their varieties. international school, national plus school are common in big city like jakarta, surabaya, bali, jogyakarta etc. The rapid growth of schools in Indonesia is directly proportional to the high demand for teachers.  Lots of schools are opening job vacancies since february until june.

passionate teacher give their best effort to teach the student and try their best to be a good example in their life so they can be the real “guru” (digugu lan ditiru “being honoured and become rolemodel). he/she can understand what the students needs and not only thing about her/his need. a professional teacher also did the same thing, but what makes it different is that a professional teacher do it because the are proffessional and ussualy not comes from the heart. they work as professionally as long as they get rewarded and not work by their heart.

so… which teacher are you??? do you have another opinion???



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